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Pool Injury Liability


Summertime means more people seeking out sweet relief in swimming pools. On top of the heat, kids are out of school so there are bored children on the loose, and it’s a partying time of year so more drinking and mayhem for all ages. Put all of that together and it means more people getting hurt and dying in swimming pool accidents. Whether you own a swimming pool or someone you love has been hurt in a pool accident, you need to know who can be held liable for swimming pool injuries and deaths.


Most swimming pool accident claims fall under a legal doctrine known as premises liability. The property or business owner is responsible for maintaining safe conditions. Safe conditions for a swimming pool can be a very complex topic. Proper fencing, maintenance, and more are typically involved, and the duty to protect from the dangers of a pool can even extend to trespassers.


In some cases, lifeguards can be held liable. It depends on the laws in your state. Those who have special training and certification and are on duty are held to a higher standard than a bystander and may be held liable for failing to render aid and for injuries caused by rendering aid improperly.


Rental homes with pools can be a sticky situation for both the homeowner and the renter. Landlords and tenants can both potentially be held responsible for swimming pool accidents. It depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident and the terms of the lease.


When swimming pool accidents are mentioned, drowning and near-drowning are what come to mind. But, there are many other types of accidents and injuries that can occur in and around swimming pools, including:

  • Chemical fumes causing burns and respiratory harm
  • Recreational water illnesses caused by chemicals or germs affecting skin, eyes, ears, lungs, gastrointestinal system or causing neurological damage
  • Electrocution from damaged or defective pool light
  • Pool drain entrapment causing disembowelment and amputations
  • Slip and fall around the pool and on diving boards and slides

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