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Should You Hire an Attorney After a Car Crash?

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A car crash happens in a single moment, yet the physical and financial consequences can follow you for the rest of your life. When faced with extensive damages and a difficult recovery, it’s important to understand your options so you can pursue the full damages you need to get back to health.

At Wood Law Firm LLP, we believe that when you’re injured in a car crash, worrying about insurance, medical bills, and stacks of paperwork should be the last thing on your mind. But what exactly can your legal team do to make your life easier after a car crash?

Helping You Move Forward

A personal injury attorney’s job is to take away the stresses that come with a severe accident. Every case, even a minor crash, comes with an extensive amount of work, including evidence gathering, paperwork, back-and-forth emails, and difficult negotiations with insurance adjusters. When you hire an attorney, your legal team will take care of all of that for you. Moreover, your attorney can also advise you on the do’s and don’ts, helping you minimize your fault while maximizing your recovery.

Additionally, if you don’t have insurance or if you feel overwhelmed by medical bills, your attorney may be able to help you find a doctor who agrees to wait for payment until your case is settled. This can make an enormous difference in your recovery and mental health because you don’t have to worry about payments and collections.

Is Hiring an Attorney Worth It?

Attorneys do a lot to make your life easier after a serious injury, but just how much do they impact your case? Generally speaking, the majority of successful plaintiffs in car crash claims had the help of an attorney. Not only that, those who hired an attorney received significantly more compensation and damages than the comparative handful who successfully negotiated a case by themselves.

There’s no comparison: Hiring an attorney makes your life easier. It frees up time to focus on recovery and therapy, so you have solid ground to move forward. At the same time, hiring an attorney gives you a better chance of obtaining the full compensation you are entitled to under the law while seeing that fault in the case is distributed as fairly as possible.

If you or someone you love suffered severe injuries in a car crash crash, you might have a case. If you’d like to schedule a free case consultation with an experienced Amarillo car accident attorney from Wood Law Firm LLP, please send us an email or call (806) 304-0447.