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5 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Texas

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Texas is a massive state, and with so much land and so many people, there are a lot of statistics that the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) keeps records of, such as the number of new drivers, number of cars and trucks on the road, and vehicle crashes. They meticulously take notes on how vehicles crashed and why and what caused it. To better understand how different drivers crash, we’re going to explain rural and urban crash statistics and break down how Texans get into accidents.

Rural Crash Statistics

In rural Texas, the way that cars crash the most, according to TxDOT, are:

  1. Failing to control speed (34,622 crashes)
  2. Driver inattention (19,976 crashes)
  3. Failing to drive in a single lane (15,471 crashes)
  4. Unsafe speed (14,439 crashes)
  5. Unsafe lane when changed (8,105 crashes)

The rural crash statistics show prevalent patterns: When driving in rural Texas, there are three major ways people crash—speeding, driver inattention, and lane changing. With this in mind, we can create a list of ways to stay safe in rural areas.

How To Stay Safe On Rural Roads

When you’re on a road in a rural area, keep your full attention on the road. While it may seem more sparsely populated and thus have less of a chance of an encounter with another driver, other dangers can present themselves, such as animals crossing the road, people crossing the street, or cars coming in off unmarked roads. Paying attention to lanes is also vital, as making sure you are safe when you change lanes is the way to prevent the second most common form of accident.

The most common factor in rural crashes is speeding, and while open roads are tempting to speed on, you must follow all traffic laws. When you speed, you become less and less able to react to road hazards, and thus open yourself up to an accident.

Urban Crash Statistics

In urban Texas, the crash statistics are similar to those in rural areas. The top five reasons that cars crash are:

  1. Failed to control speed (99,503 crashes)
  2. Driver inattention (62,729 crashes)
  3. Changed lane when unsafe (34,533 crashes)
  4. Failed to drive in single lane (30,272 crashes)
  5. Failed to yield while turning left (27,080 crashes)

As you can see, there are some differences in what factors go into crashes in urban areas. Let’s delve into them:

How to Stay Safe on Urban Roads

With urban roads, speeding and driver inattention continue to be issues. However, new factors present themselves, namely in the form of the increase in other drivers on the road. With more people comes more cars, and that explains the increase in crashes due to being in multiple lanes at once or failing to properly yield while turning left. When you are turning left, make sure that both lanes are clear of traffic, or if cars continue to travel down both lanes, that both lanes have come to a complete stop before attempting to turn left.

Additionally, make sure that you are in your proper lane, not halfway in one lane and halfway in another. When you change lanes, perform the action swiftly and safely, and do so one lane at a time if you must change more than one lane.

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