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These Vehicles Are Involved in the Most Crashes

Two cars in road, crashed

When vehicles crash, people take note. This information is tallied, collated, and brought together by many government agencies. With this information, we can determine not just how cars crash, but why they crash and how often they are involved in crashes. The Texas Department of Transportation keeps meticulous records on the different categories of vehicles, from passenger cars to trucks to farm equipment moving from field to field. In Texas, specifically, they delineate between rural and urban as well, further adding to the detail.

Vehicles Crash At Different Rates

In the state of Texas, the most common vehicle to become involved in a crash of any kind is a passenger car. In 2021, there were 473,071 crashes that involved a passenger car, with nearly 75% of crashes occurring in urban areas. The largest rural/urban divide comes from farm equipment, with, again, 75% of all farm equipment crashes coming from the rural areas of Texas. Pickup trucks are involved in accidents at about the same rate as SUVs; however, pickup trucks have an accident fatality rate of one and a half times that of SUVs.

What Are The Safest Vehicles?

According to the data from TDOT, the safest vehicles as defined by their accident rate versus their accident fatality rate are:

  • Buses and School Buses
  • Fire Trucks
  • Ambulances
  • Passenger cars

While passenger cars crash often, they do not crash in a way that kills their occupants. The data shows that passenger cars are one of the safest vehicles to be in during a crash, even if they’re the most often vehicle involved in one.

Have You Been Involved in an Accident?

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