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Compensation for Your Defective Vehicle Accident


When an automobile malfunctions, the result can be a very serious accident. Defects can come in many forms including faulty systems and parts that fail, design defects making the vehicle prone to accidents such as rollover, and crashworthiness defects that do not cause accidents but cause injuries to be more severe in a crash. Some defects pose a risk to people in their homes and other structures when the vehicle is not in use. When a defective vehicle is the cause of your injuries or the death of a loved one, your case falls under product liability.


Although massive recalls make good headlines, the majority of recalls happen quietly and draw little attention. If your accident involved a vehicle that was subject to a recall, the recall itself can be used as evidence in your favor if the defect was the cause of your accident or injuries.

Lack of a recall does not mean there was no defect. Recalls can trail far behind injuries and deaths. An experienced defective motor vehicle attorney can help you prove that the defect existed and was to blame for your crash and resulting injuries, even if no recall has been issued.


Each case is unique, and determining liability is not always obvious and straightforward in defective vehicle cases. Examples of those who may be liable include:

  • Auto manufacturer
  • New or used dealership
  • Parts manufacturer
  • Parts seller
  • Repair shop
  • Rental company
  • Others along the supply chain, such as car hauler

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