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Burn Injuries: Scalding


Scalding injuries are caused by hot liquids and steam. Small children, the elderly and people with disabilities are the most likely to suffer scalding injuries. Tap water that is too hot is the most common source of scalding, but any type of hot liquid can scald. Spilled beverages and pans of hot liquid knocked off the stove are often the cause, and severe scalding can occur from opening a hot car radiator and being blasted by the pressurized steam.


A very common underlying cause of scalds is having the hot water heater set too high or a malfunctioning hot water heater. Babies and young children who can’t just get out of the water can easily be scalded in the bath when parents or other caregivers don’t realize just how hot the water really is. The elderly and disabled often suffer burns when someone else bathes them for the same reason or when bathing themselves if they have a sensory impairment.

Hot tap water scalds can happen in the home, nursing homes, hospitals, and hotel rooms. The American Burn Association recommends that home water heaters be set no higher than 120 degrees and nursing home water heaters no higher than 110.


Spilled beverages, such as coffee or tea are common sources of scalds for children and adults. When it comes to hot foods, children are often victims of scalding from pans of soup, pasta water, and other cooking liquids that get knocked off or that they drag off the stove. Their height makes them very susceptible to scalding of the face and chest in the kitchen.

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